Kindergarten · Prayer

The hurricane


We had to go to the doctor first thing today so our first day back at homeschooling since our trip was delayed even further. When we got home, I gave the kids a snack and tried to start the day over so that we could tackle the fun and necessary things that are part of our homeschool days.

We are starting a new row, The Rag Coat, and we are supposed to be learning about Appalachia, coal, quilting, friendship, and reviewing our frog jump capitals and keeping up with Bible reading every day doing hands on stuff and keeping the {sick} toddler happy and that hurricane is on my mind.

Yes, there is a hurricane in my mind. Homeschooling is hard and scary and my five year old can’t read and doesn’t seem to care about letter sounds at all and even though I know all the reasons not to worry I do and I feel like anyone but me could do a better job at teaching her…

But there is also an actual hurricane. Hurricane Matthew, a stage 4 hurricane that is already battering the coasts of Haiti and Jamaica and is expected to devastate Haiti overnight tonight.

I can’t get it out of my mind. And isn’t this the point of homeschooling? To be able to teach my kids what matters, based on what’s going on in the world?

So I printed a picture of a hurricane, cut it out, and stuck it to the map, just behind Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba. We did a mini hurricane lesson (thanks, YouTube) and talked about what it would feel like to live in a tent, or a hut made of plywood, mud, or grass, when you know (or don’t!) a lot of heavy rain and strong winds are headed your way. Terrified. If you’re Haitian, and you’re still rebuilding or mourning after the deadly earthquake in 2010, then maybe you’re angry too. Or totally defeated.

We read our devotional and learned the in the Bible, to comfort doesn’t mean anything like wrapping in a cozy quilt. It means “to send help.” How fitting. Then we read about the death of Jesus in the Big Picture Story Bible and I just let it sit with Susanna. And then I prayed that God would cause the storm to dissipate, that He would calm the wind and waves the very same way He did for the disciples. I prayed that He would have mercy upon Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba and that his mercy would lead many to repentance. I prayed that He would spare pain, suffering and death for so many people.

Lord, have mercy.



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