Doing It Afraid

2016-09-06 07.41.21.jpgIt’s the middle of my first week of homeschooling. We’ve started on time and our mornings have been peaceful and our attitudes have been good and God has just heaped on the grace. Buckets of it, poured out on my family as we’ve embarked on this journey to homeschool our kids.

My grandparents and Uncle gave Austin his birthday presents last weekend. We opened up a Track Master train set at seven am on Tuesday morning, Susanna’s First Day of Kindergarten, and Austin played with that thing all morning, afternoon and evening. I prepared for 27 gazillion interruptions and I had none.

There are piles of books all over my house. Every time I get flustered and feel like I don’t know what to do next, we sit on the couch and I read until my voice is raw and everyone is calm and happy.

We went outside today.

We’re rowing a Before Five in a Row book called The Carrot Seed to start out light and there are carrot tops on my windowsill, growing green stalks. My friend Tanzi let Susanna pull three carrots out of their garden, pick a few tomatoes and dig up a potato.

Wednesday schedules are crazy but I let the kids finger paint and I got dinner in the crockpot and I will have one hour to myself when Susanna is at ballet.

We’re having fun.

We’re learning to persevere. Some things are boring but must be learned.

I’ve started reading and implementing some tips and tricks from Love & Logic Magic for the Little Years and I am calmer, quieter, and less angry. It seems that Austin is too.

One of my favorite homeschooling bloggers, Sarah MacKenzie, posted about “doing it afraid” today and it struck a chord. I am nervous, and I worry and second-guess and even just WANT to send my kids to school because hello free time, but I’ve jumped in, and I am going to keep going. Even though I am afraid.

2016-09-06 08.45.45.jpg


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