Meet the Teacher

I’ve been trying to engage in some homeschool-type activities with the kids to get used to it. We are not

used to being at home in the mornings, for one. Basically for five years I have fed the kids breakfast and whisked them away for some energy-using activity that will leave them exhausted enough to sleep the afternoon away.

So, that’s the biggest change for all of us and it is hard. I’ve also had to schedule things like chiropractic appointments in the afternoon. During her quiet time, Susanna usually changes into a swimsuit or some other outfit that is inappropriate for the outside world, and then she watches TV or looks at books until Austin wakes up and they have a snack. If we have to pack up and go somewhere in that time, it takes a lot of energy and a lot longer to get out the door.

School starts on Tuesday (maybe Monday with Daddy home), so I thought it would be fun to “meet the teacher” today.

Here’s a hilarious blog post about meeting the teacher when you’re the homeschool teacher. I laugh out loud every time I read it, and it also goes straight to my heart.

We decorated the books I’ve designated for fold n learn and lapbook stuff. I had Austin totally focused on a great toy, wooden trucks you put together, but he needed my help a lot and at one point (near the end) I burst into tears and said, “one of you is going to have to go to school!”

They both said, “not me!”

And I said, “when I am working with one of you, the other has to wait. If you can’t learn this, I’m going to have to send you to school.”

I would love to send Austin to preschool, actually. I think he’d benefit from the activity level. So, I am grateful for our upcoming life-change because he just might get the chance in Texas.



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